Viewing/Editing a Class

When inside the term detail, an admin will be able to find the “Classes” module on the navigation menu.

To view a class, click on the row to view the class detail.

The following screen will show what was originally created for the class and any upcoming/completed sessions.

Click on the kebab in order to start making changes to the class. The kebab menu will show 3 options: edit class, edit schedule, and assign students.

Editing the class will allow the admin to change the class name, size, and what location the class will meet in. Depending on what grades are set for the term, the admin can add or remove grades from the schedule. First Communion and Confirmation will be the two options to select from if the class is going over a Sacrament. Lastly, if there is a change in the teacher for the class, that can be modified as well. Click save when finished with any changes.

Edit schedule will allow for the frequency and date/time to be modified.  The frequency will allow for a weekly or monthly schedule. Click on the calendar icon or type the new class dates in mm/dd/yyyy format. The start and end time will require a hh:mm am/pm format as well. If any changes are made on this screen, a blue highlighted message will appear with the new schedule summary.

The last editing option allows for students to be assigned to the class. Simply click on the addition icon to add the student(s) to the roster. If a student needs to be removed, click on the minus icon. After removing a student, they will reappear as a student to add to the class. Click save to finalize the change.

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