Uploading Your Bulletin

You can upload your parish bulletin in a few ways on your new website.

Navigate to your bulletin page in the admin section. Drag either the Scribd Document or the File block over to the page and then upload your file:

Once the block is placed where you’d like it, click on the block to upload your file:

You can also use the SCRIBD Document block to have your bulletin display visually on the page (as illustrated on the right of the above image).

The advantage of using the SCRIBD Document is that the user can view the bulletin without downloading. The disadvantage is that only one document can be displayed at a time. To create an archive of bulletins you’ll need to add a file block for each week. I recommend you name your file the date of the bulletin rather than “our weekly bulletin” to aid visitors in finding the bulletin they’re searching for.

You can change the date by simply clicking on the file again and changing the File Name!

Here’s a quick video tutorial on both methods

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