Creating New Pages

Adding a new page is easy! Simply click on the “Pages” tab and then the + sign!

You’ll be given a variety of pages options:

  1. Standard Page: This will be the most commonly used option.
  2. Blog Page: If you want to start a church blog, you can use this page to begin.
  3. External Page: This is a link to an external site from the menu such as to your school or diocese.
  4. Non-clickable Menu: This is a menu header that only serves as information but does not have a page behind it.Each Standard Page has the same settings. You can add a header image or remove it, make it visible to everyone or just some visitors, and even control the SEO settings.

Copying a Current Page

If you like the set up of a current page you can simply copy it instead of recreating the page from scratch.

In your site we’ve built some easy templates you can copy.

To copy one of these templates simply click on the page and then select copy.

Then rename the page and set the page settings.

Quick Video Tutorial

Your new page will be added to the pages list at the very bottom. To put your page in the correct order simply drag and drop it into the appropriate menu item. A quick video is below:

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