Remove a Campaign

This article explains where to go and how to Remove a  Campaign from an existing fund.

1. From Giving find the desired Fund.
2. Select the Fund to see the Fund Details.
3. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to open a Context Menu.

4. In the Context Menu of the Fund Details page, if the Fund currently has a Campaign, there will be an option to "Remove Campaign."

5. Select Remove Campaign from the drop down menu.

The system will ask if you are sure you want to Remove the Campaign.   

6. Select Yes.

Note* When removing a campaign, gifts will not be cancelled, however there will be a loss of the ability to track and the dashboard cards will no longer be visible.  Additionally, a Campaign can only be created using the current date or a later date, so if the Campaign is removed in error, it cannot be restored again using the previous date.

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