Online Transaction Analysis Report

This article provides steps to run the Online Transaction Analysis report. 

This report can filter for the regular, refund, rejected and voided transaction types.  This report is different from the Giving Detail Report which shows how much money has been received by fund.  This report provides a deeper analysis of the transaction data, most specifically individual refunds and voids are shown on the report. The transaction date is the date that the void, refund etc. happened, not the original gift date. 

Here are the steps to run an Online Transaction Report:

1. From either the Giving, Forms or Religious Education module click on Reporting from the menu. (Giving is the example.)
2. From the drop down menu select the Report Type. 
3. Click on Online Transaction Analysis. 

4. Configure the report. Select Regular, Refund, Rejected and/or Voided as transaction types to include in the report.

5. Select the desired funds to include in the report.
6, Select the Timeframe for the report to include.
7. Click on Run Report to process.

Note* Example: The Regular transaction for $23.00 shows under the amount. The Refund displays under Type. The $23.00 is the refunded amount in parentheses.

The CSV can be exported for further analysis. It provides additional information about each transaction.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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