Fund Configuration Settings

Once you log in to the OSV Hub, select Giving and then Funds

You will see a list of all your existing Funds.  To edit a Fund, click anywhere on the fund row to open the Fund Details. 


From the fund Details, select the kebab in the top right to see the options within this Fund.

Edit Fund Settings will open a side sheet to edit the Fund Name, Fund Status, Fund Number, Accepted Payment Types, Tax Deductible Status, Credit Card Offset and Gift Notes for this this Fund. Make any needed change and select Save. Fund Status can only be changed from Live to Draft if no gift has been given to the fund.  

Edit Suggested Gifts will open a side sheet to add or edit any suggested gift amounts you have set for this Fund. The suggested gift amounts will show as buttons the donor can select or they can enter any amount they choose. Add or edit your gift amounts and select Save. 

Edit Description will allow you to add or edit the description of your Fund using several formatting options.

Schedule Fund will open a side sheet to schedule a fund Start or End date.  Check the box beside the start or end fund option and use the calendar icon to select the date.  A fund must be in a Live status to automatically activate on its scheduled start date.

Any donations that are scheduled beyond a fund end date will be canceled once the fund ends.  When you have selected your dates, click Save.

Make Featured will highlight this fund at the top of your Public Fund page.  You can only have one Fund featured at a time.

Make Fund Internal Only  will only be visible if you also have Church Manager with OSV.  If you have Church Manager and you would not like this fund to be on your internal fund list but not visible in online giving you can select this option.

Archive will take you to a confirmation page and you will need to type in Archive to confirm you are aware that by archiving this fund you will remove it from the list of funds your donors will see and cancel any active gifts.  You will see a notification in red of how many funds will be canceled by completing this action. Once you have typed in Archive you will be able to select to the Archive Fund button.

The bottom section of the Fund Details will show the contributions that have been given to this Fund.

To view the details of any contribution, click the kebab to the right of any gift and select View Details.

This will open the Contribution Details showing the transaction date, Fund Name, Amount, Payment Method, Confirmation Number and Status.

To issue a refund, click the kebab to the right of the contribution and click Refund.

You must select a refund reason from the dropdown and then click Submit.

The refund will process for the full amount and you will now see the line in yellow with the refund icon.


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