Enable/Disable Gift Notes

If you want a fund to be available for donors to create notes, you can enable Gift Notes. To enable Gift Notes when you are creating a fund, begin in the Fund Wizard.

Selecting the box to Allow donors to create notes on a gift will reveal the optional fields Label for Notes and Notes Placeholder.

Enabling this option will give the donors a box on this fund that they can make a special notation.  The Label for Notes will appear above the box to indicate what the box is for and the Notes Placeholder will be the words that appear in the box as an example until the donor begins to type.

Once you have enabled the notes on a gift, the donor will now see this option on any type of gift they choose to create for this fund.

To enable Gift Notes on an existing Fund, click anywhere on the fund row to open the Fund Details. 


From the fund Details, select the kebab to see the options within this Fund.

Edit Fund Settings will open a side sheet to edit the Fund Name, Fund Status, Fund Number, Tax Deductible Status, Accepted Payment Types for this this Fund and enable/disable Gift Notes. Select the box beside Allow donors to create notes on a gift and you will see the Label for Notes and Notes Placeholder boxes appear.  Complete any necessary fields and then select Save.

To disable Gift Notes simply unselect the box.  Any Gift Notes that are currently scheduled will continue, but donors will not be able to create new Gift Notes.  To view Gift Notes use the Gift Notes Report.

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