Add a Managed Gift

This article provides steps to add a Managed Gift for a donor.

An Online Giving Administrator may want to add a gift to a Managed Account for a donor.

Steps to Add a Managed Gift:

1. From Giving go to Accounts.
2. Enter the donor’s name in the Search All Accounts field and hit enter.

3. Click on the donor’s Managed Account to open the Account Detail screen.

4. On the Upcoming Contributions card on the Account Detail page click on the Add Gift button.

5. Choose gift or pledge from the drop down menu on the Add Managed Gift card.

6. Select the fund name from the drop down menu. (Both public and internal only funds are listed.)
7. Make a selection from the drop down menu if attributing a gift on behalf of an organization.

8. Enter gift amount, select the gift type, frequency, and the gift date.

9. The payment method is already established and can be changed or added to at a later time. The payment methods that are available are limited based on the fund the gift is assigned to. If the fund only accepts bank accounts, only bank accounts are available in the payment method drop down. Internal only funds follow the accepted payment type settings on the organization.

10. Click on Add to process.

Here are a few points of interest about Managed Gifts.

Managed gifts are not visible on the public side for the donor to view.
A Giving Administrator can add a managed gift to an existing non-managed account and also to an existing managed account.
The Giving Administrator edits managed gifts.
Managed accounts cannot be turned off if managed gifts exist.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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