Special Form Fields

In the Forms Builder there are some specially formatted fields such as: Email, phone, Name, Date, and Address. Each of these is illustrated in the graphics below with additional information to be formatted within the builder. To add a field, simply drag the desired field over to the “Build Form” section.


The email field is designed to ensure that the full email address is typed in by your user. An email should be formatted as such: name@domain.com. The “options panel” allows you to make the field ‘half-width’ and ‘required’ as well as indicate that the email submitted in this field will receive an “auto-reply.” The auto-reply message will be formatted in Step “2 Configure.”


The phone field is designed to collect a 10-digit phone number.  It will automatically format the entered number into “(  )   –   ” format and can be customized to be ‘half-width’ and ‘required.’


The name field will default to collecting the Title, First Name, Middle, and Last Name on the form. The “options panel” allows you to remove the Title and Middle option as well as make it required.  When required is set only the first name and last name are required.


The date field is designed to collect the Month, Date, and Year. It displays a calendar control but also allows the user to type in a date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.  It can be customized to be half-width or required.


The address field automatically populates an entry line for Street Address, City, State, and Zip. Additional options appear on the “options panel”  on the right side of the screen to make the field half-width, mark it as required, and to show address line 2. You can also rename the field label here if you want it to be called something other than “Address”.

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