Duplicating, Deleting, and Archiving Forms

Duplicating Forms

We recommend creating a new form for each new registration year, but you don’t need to start over! On the Forms listing page, you can duplicate any form. The new form will be created automatically and set to draft mode. Simply click the menu to edit the new form and you’ll enter the builder. Here you can add new fields, adjust fields, change text, adjust configuration, and test the form.

Another reason to duplicate a form would be if you have a live form that you need to add or delete fields from. Live forms with submissions cannot be edited so they will need to be duplicated and then adjusted in draft mode. You can also delete submissions individually if you need to edit a form and have been testing it. Read more about that here.

Deleting Forms

If you’ve created an extra form you can delete forms without any submissions. This is useful if you want to clean up your forms list. If a live form has submissions it cannot be deleted, it must be archived. There is no undo to this feature, so deleted forms are gone forever.

Archiving Forms

Forms with submissions that you are no longer using can be archived. Archiving allows you the ability to clean up your forms list without removing all of the submissions from the OSV HUB dashboard. You can archive old registration forms or current forms that you’ve had to add or delete fields from.

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