About General Ledger Account Numbers

This article provides information about the ability to associate a General Ledger Account Number to include Form and Religious Education Transaction Data for Church Manager and Online Giving for the accounting exports for Church Manager.

The system has the ability to include both Form Data and Religious Education Transactions within Exports from the system.  Transactions in the system are matched up to the appropriate Fund in another system by the Fund Number. The General Ledger (GL) Account Number field can be used as the Fund Number for matching.

The ability to associate a General Ledger Account Number with a Religious Education term or a form in OSV Forms allows you to include those Form and Religious Education payments in your Accounting exports for Church Manager and in your Online Giving Exports in Online Giving.

The General Ledger Account Number can be set on an Existing Form under Edit Settings and also in Forms on the Form Wizard in Step 2.

The General Ledger Account Number must be set up before the Form can be seen in the Online Giving Export area and Exporting it’s transactions.

Check this out for more information on Export Form Transactions and Exporting Religious Education Transaction Data.

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