Flexible Inputs

There are many flexible inputs in the form builder and they can be used to create many unique forms.

Short Answer

The short answer field is the most flexible input in the form builder. The field can be customized to be required or half-width. The label can be unique on each individual field.

Long Answer

When a user is going to enter information longer than a sentence, a long answer field is best to use. The long answer field has some unique settings such as Placeholder Text and Max Character Count.


If you want a user to select a particular item, you can insert a checkbox. Each checkbox field can only have one input.

If you are asking users to select multiple options from one item, we recommend using a group and then adding multiple checkbox fields.

Radio Button

If you want your user to select only one item in a list of possible options, use the Radio Button Input. The ‘field settings box’ allows you to select half-width or required as well as to add additional choices.

When configuring choices you can simply ‘tab’ to add additional items to the list.


A dropdown field is another way for users to select only one item from the list that takes up less space on your form screen. This field can be configured in the same manner as the checkbox field above.


The number field restricts the user to entering a whole number. You can adjust the setting to include a minimum and/or maximum number as well.

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