Religious Education Student Class List Report

This article provides steps to run a Student Class List Report for Religious Education classes.  

The student class list report displays a list of students registered for the selected class. The report also includes the name of the teacher, the scheduled meeting day and time, frequency of the meetings, building and room number, the number of students and the ages and grades of the students. If provided, the report also contains the birthday, allergies, primary and secondary contacts and address of the student.

Steps to run a Student Class List Report:

1. From Religious Education go to Reporting.
2. At the Report Type dropdown menu select Student Class List Report. 

3. Select the desired Term from the Term dropdown menu. This shows all the terms that have been created in Religious Education.
4. Select the Program Name under the Program Options menu.
5. Select a Class. All Term details including the class can also be seen in Religious Education on the Terms card.
6. Select Name or Age under the Sort By menu.
7. Select Run Report to process.


The Report results can be printed or Exported using PDF, CSV or Excel from the cloud icon dropdown and forwarded to others.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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