Searching in the Directory

The following fields are searched when looking for a family or individual: First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Address Line 1, Envelope Number, and Email Address. Simply type the information you’re looking for in the search box and the most relevant to the least relevant results will show up. This is called a fuzzy search. The clearest to the fuzziest results will be returned.

Searches can be started via the Dashboard Page


Or the Families Page


Results are returned from closest to furthest away in case you’ve misspelled anything, displaying the top 10 search results with a button to “see all” if there are more.


Families are indicated with a House to their left. Registered Households have a “house” icon like Env #:753. Unregistered Households have an “inverted circled house icon” like Env #: 761 in the below image.


Members are indicated with a Person Icon like below.


Inactive households or members return highlighted faintly in yellow with a yellow icon on the left.


Deceased members return highlighted in yellow with a golden cross icon.


If there are more than 20 results that match your search criteria, you will see the first 20 displayed with a purple “see all” button at the bottom. To access all results in a list, you can press the purple “see all” button or simply press enter.

The results will display on a page with all applicable results being returned.

You can click on “view” to navigate to any family or member. The same yellow highlighting and symbols from above will be displayed in this list.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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