Member List Report

This article provides steps to run a Member List report.

From Directory go to Reporting and select the Report Type from the drop down menu.

The “Member List” report will pull a list of all members in the system with particular filters.

Select the Date Range for Registration. This will default to “All Dates.” We are going to run a report for newly registered members to send an ‘Invite to our Newcomer’s Luncheon’ as a sample. Here we will select “Custom Date Range” from the drop-down.

Select the date range you desire.

Then select the status as “active” or “active.” To return results who are either active or inactive, leave this at “Select All.”

Next, select the Registration Status.

Finally, filter for any tags you desire.

When you’ve set your filters, click “Run Report.” You can adjust these and refresh the report on the following screen if necessary.

The system will return all applicable results with 25 results per page. Here you can reconfigure the filters or click the “cloud” icon to download a CSV file of this information to your computer.

The CSV file will include each field listed here on the screen with the address items in individual columns.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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