Approve or Deny a New Registration in Directory

This article provides information on how to view a new registration in Directory and approve or deny it.

When a family completes the registration form, a notification is viewable on the Directory Dashboard Card. Staff can click on the registration to view a list of registrations that can be edited, approved or denied. Deleting a registration is a non-recoverable action! If it is done mistakenly, the registration has to be completed again.

Note* The envelope number populates on the registration form to the next number through the auto increment. 

Here are the steps to view the registration:

1. From Directory go to Dashboard.

2. Click on the View button to view a list of the Pending Family Registrations. (This notification states there are 8 pending family registrations.)

3. Click on the line of the desired family to open it and see the registration details. 

4. Add additional information as necessary to the registration form. 
5. Turn on appropriate envelope toggles to place the family on the desired envelope lists.

6. Approve or Deny the registration by clicking on the appropriate button.

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