Accounting Exports for Church Manager

This article provides information and steps to export transactions out of our Online Giving system and into our Church Manager system.

If you have Church Manager you do not have the same user interface for Online Giving Export because the purpose of those exports is to export into another Church Manager System.

Steps for Online Giving Exports for Church Manager:

  1. From Giving go to Online Giving Exports.
  2. Select the appropriate Accounting Package.
  3. Select a recommended or custom Date Range.
  4. Create Deposits.
  5. Determine whether to check Only Export Contributions Not Yet Exported.
  6. Click on Export to Process.

Note* In this interface we are not selecting individual Funds or Forms, instead we are selecting the Types of transactions. Form Payments have been added to this list. This is aggregating all the transactions and creating a General Ledger deposit entry.

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