How the Donor Accepts an Invitation to Self Manage the Account

This article provides information on how a donor receives and accepts an invitation to self manage a previously managed account.

To convert a managed account to a self managed account, the process begins by the Administrator sending an invitation to the donor's email inviting them to Accept the invitation. 

1. An Administrator sends an email to a donor to invite them to self manage their account.
2. The donor accepts the invitation by clicking on the Accept Invitation button to be directed to the donor website page to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

3a. If the donor had previously self-managed their account before having it managed by the organization, they are prompted to use their credentials (username and password) to sign in to their account. The donor is able to see their previous account information and their managed account information.

3b. If the donor had never self-managed their account prior to being a managed account, they will be prompted to create an account first by entering a password and clicking on Create Account.

The payment methods that had been set up for them can be viewed on the the My Account page.

Gifts that were scheduled and the transactions that have come out can be viewed by clicking on My Gifts. Anything from their managed account can now be viewed with their credentialed account.


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